[Adobe] Media Player 發表

YoutubeGoogle VideoYahoo! Video… 等各大影片分享入口網站都使用 Flash Video 技術(簡稱FLV)為線上影片撥放技術後,如何在線上或是離線觀看影片就是使用者最關心的事,而 :Adobe: 並沒有釋出官方的放映即轉檔器,所以坊間有很多 FLV 的下載播映轉檔…等衍生應用,而最近 Adobe Lab 為醞釀已久的 Apollo 作暖身,發表的一個全新的桌面多媒體撥放軟體 Media Player

Media Player Screen Shot

Adobe Media Player 的特點:

  • 消費者端:
    1. FLV on your Desktop – Stream, download, manage, and play rich media content. Double click on any FLV file to play it in Adobe Media Player.

      桌面 FlV 放映器:可以串流、下載、管理、放映豐富的多媒體影片(FLV),只要雙擊 FLV 影片滑鼠即可以於 Adobe Media Player 放映。

    2. Favorite Shows – Automatically download new episodes of your favorite Internet TV shows and video podcasts.


    3. What’s New – Quickly organize and play a list of new episodes from your favorite Internet TV shows and video podcasts.


    4. Library – Gather and manage your personal collection of Flash videos.

      個人影片資料庫:蒐集管理屬於個人的 FLV 影片庫。

    5. Tags & Ratings – Add personal keywords and ratings to Flash videos.


    6. Smart Playlists – Filter your Library and Favorites based on tags and ratings.


    7. Catalog – Discover new Internet TV shows and video podcasts to add to your Favorite Shows.


  • 發布者端:
    1. Branding – Deliver backgrounds and badges which are displayed dynamically around your content when it is viewed in Adobe Media Player.

      品牌形象:可以即時傳送品牌相關的背景或是徽章於 Adobe Media Player 中。

    2. Advertising – Dynamically deliver banners, in-rolls, and bugs, using your existing ad system, which are displayed in and around your content.


    3. Usage Statistics – Anonymously tracks and asychronously reports content usage to provide valuable metrics for your business.


    4. Content Protection – Ensure that ads can’t be replaced or removed, and that content can’t be reused or remixed without your consent.


    5. Media RSS – Increases viewership by conveniently delivering new content on an automatic and periodic basis.


目前算是只聞樓梯響階段,還沒實際的東西可以觀摩,相信如果推廣的成效不錯的話,對 Adobe 未來即將力推的阿波羅(Apollo)會順利些。


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